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We are a family owned and operated neighborhood toy store located in Lake County, Illinois, just north of Chicago.  We offer thousands of products that engage, educate, and promote creativity.  It is a real privilege to help parents and grandparents find the toys that help their children grow, learn and develop. 
We look forward to helping you locate that perfect toy.  If you don’t see what you are looking for on our web page, stop by the store or give us a call.  We have a much larger selection available in the store. 
We first opened in 1991 as a children’s bookstore that also sold educational and storybook related toys.  Slowly, we began to increase the amount of toys that we carried.  In 2005, we stopped selling books all together.  Our original name BOOKids no longer fit, so we became Snickelfritz Toys!
We are often asked what the name Snickelfritz means and how we chose it.  Snickelfritz was our daughter’s childhood nickname.  It is a German word meaning mischievous child and is a term of endearment.  Similar to calling your child a little monster, it has a positive connotation not a negative one.  We have heard from many parents that they too use this nickname, but never know what it meant.